Why We Are Here

Company Goals and Objectives​

Create and cultivate revolutionary business solutions which exceeds the needs and expectations of our customers.

Remain on the cutting edge of technological and business advances to ensure industry relevance.

Create a culture of exceptional customer services by utilising technology and being process driven.

Create a sustainable business model which will provide freedom to the business shareholders.

Business Philosophy


We strive to provide excellent software solutions which will assist our customers in getting the most from their businesses.


We strive to interact with one another and our clients and providers with the highest degree of integrity and honesty at all times.


We strive to inspire and be inspired by our customers. Inspiration ignites creativity which fosters rewarding interactions.


We place the highest value on respect – respect for ourselves, for one another, for our customers and providers and for the broader population.

Customer Service

We will do everything in our power to ensure that we provide our customer with products and services that will deliver beyond their expectations and uphold our Code of Ethics at all times.

Amava Holdings PTY Ltd.

"Amava is an innovative investment company with a distinction; we believe that investing in people is as crucial as investing in industries. We aspire to do business in a mutually beneficial way with high rewards not only financially but also socio economically. It is this aim that sets the foundations for us to be the pioneers of true transformation in South Africa by taking a different approach and most importantly doing the right thing."

Zander MacKenzie

"Vestibulum dapibus odio at nisl consequat, in semper augue auctor. Duis risus felis, pulvinar quis tempus vitae”

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