About Us

Why are we here?

Dionysus Management Software was created by a group of passionate individuals, experts in Software Development, Finance and Craft Beverage Production.

  • passionate about our dream
  • passionate about making a difference
  • passionate about the Craft Industry

What Guides us?

In the development of our products we were guided by several principles and goals:

  • Keep the distiller, brewer or winemaker on the floor practicing his or her Craft, not in an office doing admin
  • Develop a system that is easily adaptable to the unique legislative and tax requirements of any country
  • Build in as much process adaptability as possible, allowing the Craft Producer to employ any techniques or combination of techniques that they would choose
  • Create a Management Software Package that does not just allow for the basics of Stock Control and Production Reporting, but actually aids the Producer in Process Monitoring, Product Development, Yield Comparisons, and much more
  • Protect the Intellectual Property and Production Records of our clients
  • Ensure that the System allows for future expansion and additions, as the needs of our clients and the market changes and develops
  • Do everything possible to make sure that this system is as affordable as possible, to allow any producer, regardless of the size of the operation, to make use of it

What are our Goals

A company that fails to plan, plans to fail, so at Dionysus Software Management we  set very clear goals for ourselves:

  • Be Surprising – Create revolutionary business solutions which exceeds the needs and expectations of our clients
  • Be Relevant – Remain on the cutting edge of technological, industry and business advances to ensure that we would always contribute to the industry
  • Be Helpful – Create a culture of exceptional client service by listening to our clients, anticipating their needs, fulfilling those needs, providing assistance and training, and just being there when needed
  • Be There – Create a sustainable business model which will allow continued development, advancement, improvement and support

What are our Philosophies


We strive to provide the best possible software solutions, to allow our clients to achieve their dreams and make their businesses successful


We undertake to operate and communicate with the highest degree of integrity and honesty at all times, within our company, and with our clients and service providers


We strive to inspire and be inspired by our clients, as we believe that inspiration ignites creativity which fosters rewarding interactions


We place the highest value on respect – respect for ourselves, for one another, for our clients and providers, for the broader population, and for the products of our clients – the fruits of their labour

Customer Service

We will do everything in our power to ensure that we provide our clients with products and services that will deliver beyond their expectations


We undertake to always live up to and uphold our Code of Ethics, and make these our guiding principles in dealing with our clients and service providers at all times

Amava Holdings PTY Ltd.

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