What we offer

Distillery Management

Complete Distillery Management Software, developed specifically for the Craft Distilling Industry. Our Flagship System!

Brewery Management

Complete Brewery Management Software, developed specifically for the craft brewery industry.

Winery Management

Complete Winery Management Software, developed specifically for the craft winery industry.

product functionality


• Adaptable Revenue Service Reporting Structure • Process Tracking, Comparison and Reporting • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) compatible Stock Control • Full Raw Material, Consumable and Product Inventory Management • Automated Financial Reporting


• Bottle and Batch Costing • Inventory and Stock Management


• Personalized System Setup to ensure Compliance and seamless Integration • Complete System Training • Comprehensive Operations Manual • Telephonic and Off-Site Technical Support • Call-Out Support Available if required


• No Initial Charges for setup or installation• Monthly Payments • No Fixed Term Subscription


• App Based Interface allowing for Real-Time Floor Operations Input Functionality • Full Traceability of all Processes, Batches and Intermediate Steps • Adaptability to change between product types mid production • Recipe Creation, Management and Development Functionality • Purchase and Sales Order Creation and Management • Built-In Calculators and Calibration Protocols • Offsite Monitoring of Operations in Realtime

Advanced Features

• Cloud Based System - accessible anywhere, anytime • The safest data storage facilities in the world • Full Encryption for Data Protection • Unlimited User Accounts per Client

Future Development

• Human Resource Management • Customer Relationship Management • Bar Code Creation and Printing • Marketing and Events Diary • Social Media Management • Online Sales Management • Automation Integration

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Inventory and Stock Management

• Realtime Stock Levels • Adaptable Stock Management, Stock Check and Stock Adjustment • Backup Document and Proof of Claim Uploading Capability • Adaptable Invoicing, Account Setup and Customer Account Management • Purchase and Sales Order • Return of Sales Capability

Storage Management

• Complete Tracking of contents, volume and ABV% of all Production Facility Containers, Tanks and Barrels • Container History and Content Tracking right back to Raw Material and Source • Provable Claims History in terms of Process and Composition • Manage Barrel History and previous use

Sales Management

• Order Placement integrated with Picking and Packing List Creation • Order Tracking to see current Status • Adaptable Reporting System allows Tracking of Sales per Customer, Order Placement Method, Sales Representative, and more • First in First Out (FIFO) Inventory Management • On Hand Inventory listing per product • Customer History Tracking and Unique Customer Setup Capability • Sales Trends and Product Sales Tracking

Other Features

• Full suite of Production Calculators for Dilution, Conversions, ETOH, ABV%, Barrel Prep • Financial and Operations Forecasting • Production scheduling

Production and Process Management

• Unique Production Process Separation – Client can start at any step • Supports Production from Raw Material, Purchased Fermentation or Purchased Spirit • Unique Storage Management System allows for Tracking of Unique Batches, Blending, Single Barrel, Solera, etc. • Yield Tracking on each individual process • Ability to switch between product types mid process due to unique recipe management structure • Process Monitoring and Batch Comparisons available for Troubleshooting • Bottling and Packaging Run Control • Straight Spirit Production Control • Blending, Flavouring, Infusing and Aging Production Control

Financial Management

• Fully Integrated Cost and Production Accounting • Export File Creation to allow external Accounting Software Integration • True Production Cost Tracking and Comparison on a batch, case and bottle basis • Financial Reporting including Income Statements, Balance Sheets and specified Financial Records

Revenue Service Interface

• Revenue Service Reports generated in the country specific format • Revenue Service Payments due tracking and reminders